Last week I was applying the primer, a base coat, to 100m of glass fibre panelling which Bristol City Council asked us to decorate on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. An opportunity arose to install a permanent artwork on panels fitted to the Midland Railway Bridge, due to the electrification of the railway line. The bridge carries the Bristol & Bath Railway Path over the mainline railway in Easton, and is located just south of Easton Road and west of Russell Town Avenue. I had to specify, supply and apply an appropriate primer prior to an artist creating a mural.

Dulux Super Grip Primer 


The primer selected for this project




Primers are the base coat for the entire paint system and, in my opinion, the most important. If the primer fails then the whole system will fail. There were a number of options but in the end I went with Dulux Super Grip water based primer. This gave me the adhesion and coverage I wanted along with the speedy drying times allowing me to not have to worry about people getting paint on their clothes.

I like to be a bit of a geek about new products, including my secret passion for problem solving primers. So if anyone you know has any problem with damp, flaking paint, discolouration or any other paint system, send them to Envirodec – we’d love to help.