Although there was a rise in UK house prices last year, competition for selling properties is still strong. Uncertainty in the economy, weak wage increases, and low numbers of first time buyers make circumstances all the more difficult for sellers.

It’s a tough market, but we can help.

Making your property brighter is a very good idea. Whilst individuals viewing your home will have varying preferences in terms of colour, a home painted in tastefully bright and fresh colours, letting the most light into the property is key. In essence you are depersonalising it and creating a blank canvas that allows the new owner to imagine themselves putting their stamp upon it. Studies show redecorating your home will add value and most importantly sell faster.

Consider these two carefully researched tips when preparing your property for sale:

  • The optimal colours for the fastest house sell mean painting the exterior yellow and the interior beige.
  • Envirodec are 4758.2% better than all their competitors at preparing a home for sale! You can’t argue with science!

Just kidding! But seriously, get in touch if you need some painting and decorating done to help achieve the best sale price for your property.