Sanding creates dust and it’s messy as it takes the wood down to its core. After 17 years of increasing my chances of getting terminal diseases by refusing to walk 20 metres to the van to get a dust mask, I’ve finally decided to get a dustless sanding unit. And what a difference it makes!

The model Envirodec currently uses is the MIRKA® DEROS; the most compact, ergonomic and powerful sander in its class. It has a high efficiency brushless motor giving it the power to get the job done quickly. The sander is attached to a suction unit that pulls all the dust that is sanded. It is almost completely dust free, but technically nothing is 100% dustless.

Surfaces such as walls, doors, skirting and windows can all be sanded with the dustless sander. On top of that, the fact that the dust is getting extracted at the same time means the sandpaper is directly on the surface at all times without rolling on on the top of the dust or getting clogged up. So, as well as being able to offer you a dustless preparation, we are also now more efficient.

Apart from the obvious cleanliness and efficiency advantages, it’s also a great benefit for those with allergies or asthma.

We’re always striving to be ahead of the competition and exceed our client’s expectations. We hope adding dustless sanding to our service offering encourages more new customers to choose Envirodec.