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At Envirodec we choose the most appropriate products and materials for the job, depending on your preferences, requirements and budget. In most cases these are environmentally friendly products, but we do not prescribe them for the sake of it.


Matt emulsion is commonly used on walls and ceilings, often where the surface is uneven. It is a flat finish with a sheen level of less than 10%, non-reflective in appearance.  Less washable than its glossier counterparts.  There are however durable matt options available in most ranges which are designed to resist marking.


Gloss is available for both interior and exterior decorating.  The sheen level is high at approximately 90% making it highly reflective and washable. Commonly used on trim, gloss will give a beautiful mirrored effect. In some commercial kitchens special gloss finishes may be used to coat walls as they can provide a more hygienic washable food preparation area.  Specialist hygienic coatings in various finishes are available.


A unique finish, chalky matt is now one of the most popular finishes when upcycling furniture.  The finish is dead flat and used to create a chalky, shabby chic or distressed appearance.  Its sheen level will typically be around 2%.  Where durability is important it can be over coated with a special wax or sealer. 

Eggshell, satin, silk and soft sheen

Eggshell and satin finishes are traditionally used as a modern alternative to gloss for trim.  Used on features including skirtings and window surrounds, cills and frames it is a more durable finish than matt with better washability and a smoother appearance. Eggshell finish is also suitable for decorating larger areas including walls and ceilings however acrylic eggshell paints are recommended for this type of job due to their lower VOC content. Silk and soft sheen finishes are traditional finishes used for walls in higher traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens due to their shinier and therefore more wipeable properties and a greater resistance to steam. 

Masonry paint

Masonry paints are available in two key finishes; smooth and textured.  Whether durability is a key factor when choosing masonry paint.

How to Choose

When we choose products and materials for your project, we are always considering additional questions.

  • What is it made of? Is it renewable or scarce?
  • What processing did it undergo? Was this polluting or energy intensive?
  • How far did it come? Was there a lot of road transport involved?
  • What effect will the product have on those installing it and using the building?
  • Does it require a lot of potentially environmentally damaging maintenance?
  • What will happen to the product at the end of it’s useful life?
  • Does it have a unique positive function that overrides it’s environmental impacts?
  • Is there a better option?

Eco-friendly Products

These days, you’ll find that eco-friendly products are much better value and sometimes cheaper than conventional alternatives. However, if your application requires something different, we will always advise and discuss your choice of both regular and eco-friendly products when quoting for your project.

The selection of eco-friendly products that are now available are a lot better and far greater in number than when the first generation came out. They can be colour matched, normally applied in exactly the same way, can be used in the same places, and provide similar coverage to the conventional alternatives. They are available in all the same finishes too.

More information on pricing and value

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Does it cost more to be Eco-friendly?

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