Over the last few months I have been stepping outside the usual Painting and Decorating box. Recently, we have seen more use of eco paint, and customers wanting murals. This week I’d like to shine a light on a really great product – white board paint.

Smart Wall Paint is a one-coat paint that gives whiteboard and/or magnetic properties to any smooth surface.

Teachers can use whiteboard paint to create larger whiteboard surfaces for students to interact with. It completely changes both the teaching and learning environment.

Businesses can create magnetic whiteboards for planning and scheduling, brainstorming, collaboration and training.

By using Smart Wall Paint, you could be smoothing out the lines of your office, maximising the use of space, removing the need for hanging limited size whiteboard fixtures, and promoting ideas and creativity in your organisation or home.

If you know of any schools, businesses, office spaces or homes that could benefit from our expertise, then please get in touch. We are more than just painters and decorators.