About Envirodec

A conscientious painter and decorator

Envirodec wishes to leave as small a footprint on the planet as possible by using traditional, carbon-neutral and natural products where appropriate. We are aware of the impact caused by the usage, manufacture and disposal of many conventional painting and decorating products, and we support better choices.

Knowledge, skill and accuracy

The high standard of workmanship offered by Envirodec, without using toxic and VOC laden conventional systems is realising a more natural and traditional painting and decorating service where the well being of the building’s users and the planet they inhabit comes to the fore. We have a trusted, reliable team with the skills to carry out any project and share a passion for a greener future.

Like the good old days, only with better tech.

Our attitude to our craft embodies a nod back to the past where reliability, punctuality, manners and trust were characteristics that mattered when hiring a tradesman.

Everybody can enjoy the benefits

We take great delight in our clients’ reactions as they enter beautifully decorated rooms that are clean and healthy and will not harm them or the environment. We have the skills, interest and unsurpassed knowledge to enable us to work with builders, architects, project managers or the building owner directly.

Matt RobsonMatthew Robson, Managing Director, has been in the painting and decorating industry for over 15 years. His work previously centered around the use of conventional products, however Matthew’s experience and expertise has led him to align his business with a better way of providing service. That better way is Envirodec.