Painting and Decorating Services

Painting and Decorating Preparation


As part of our service, we preparing surfaces for painting and decorating including scraping, sanding, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal, filling, sash window overhaul and repair, patch plastering, lining and more.

Painting and Decorating


Our painters are highly skilled with brushes, rollers and airless sprayers, creating a superior end result on all surfaces. All jobs are undertaken with careful cleaning, taping and priming. We provide appropriate access equipment for all our jobs and ensure protection of your furnishings and possessions while we work.



We deliver Superior wall papering results with both regular and special papers, standard and wide width. We can also advise and source environmentally friendly wallpapers printed on recycled paper, made from sustainably produced wood pulp or natural fibres, such as jute or sea grass, as well as vintage wallpaper.

Plastering and rendering for painting and decorating

Plastering & Rendering

We offer professional plastering and rendering for interiors and exteriors with years of expertise, helping us to achieve a top notch finish every time. We work with a variety of plasters, including eco-friendly choices such as lime and cork.

Fittings and fixtures for painting and decorating

Fittings & Fixtures

We install all sorts of furnishings and fixtures on your new build property, refurbished or repainted properties, shops or offices. No need to get in a separate contractor.

We offer the full range of services, at the highest quality, you’d expect from any painter and decorator. However, over and above painting and decorating, we can help you:

icon-environmentally-friendly Choose environmentally friendly materials

icon-minimise Minimise the amount of waste

icon-recycle Buy products made from natural or recycled materials

icon-locally-sourced Source materials and labour locally

icon-porous Select porous materials at all stages of build and renovation

icon-paint Choose water, clay based or natural paints

icon-non-porousMinimising the use of other non-porous decorative finishes

icon-examine-lifestyle-factorsExamining lifestyle factors that may contribute to unhealthy buildings