Our Resolutions for 2016

Commited to meeting and exceeding expectations. Again.

Ensure potential customers do not see us as a niche eco business

Envirodec has extensive knowledge in the use and selection of eco and environmentally friendly products in painting and decorating. We also offer our service using conventional products. We want all potential customers to be aware that they can benefit from our high quality services, even if their project uses conventional painting and decorating products.

Maintain or improve our 97.3% customer satisfaction

Envirodec is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations, and we’re proud of our 97.3% customer satisfaction rating. This year we intend to maintain or improve that percentage.

Our customer service brief of transparency, honesty and quality

This year we will continue to fulfil our three tenet customer service brief, and deliver a painting and decorating service that is transparent, honest and of the high quality. Every time.

Each customer knows that their project is as important to me as it is to them

Each and every Envirodec client is valued and serviced to the highest standards, no matter the size of their project and budget. We want our customers to feel that this is always the case when we work for them.

Introduce K Rend Cleaning as an addition to our business and bring in additional plastering work

We have noticed a need in the painting and decorating space related to cleaning of K Rend surfaced building exteriors. Years after application, these finishes become soiled and stained with polution and dirt. Envirodec has a solution to get these building looking great again, and we’re planning to start offering it to you soon.